Thursday, April 24, 2008

Networking, Mommy job...

so being a SAHM is awesome, I couldn't imagine leaving my daughter anywhere. But I need to find a way to help bring some money home. I am so torn, I want to be with my family, but want/need to make some money. Does anyone know of a good mommy job? It's so hard because my daughter goes to school T&TH 9-11:30am now and next yr she will be going M,W,F 9-1pm. Plus I am going to be one of the Co-directors at her school, that will be a PT job by itself and I will have to attend a board meeting once a month (usually at night).

How do I find a job that fits MY schedule?
I think I am pretty creative, can I start my own mini-biz?
My friend sells Lia Sophia-do I go that route?
I've worked retail, do I dare go there?
I went to school for Medical assisting, should I send my resume out and hope some DR office or hospital has THE job for me?

UGH, I soooo don't know what to do. My hubby is tired of working so much, I wanna help him, I wanna see him more often. But I hate bouncing from job to job.

I need a Mommy job!!!


Chele76 said...

there are a lot of direct marketing companies out there, maybe look into a few and find out details on the compensation plans. They can be fun, but they are a lot of work if you don't stay on top of it all (or buy everything in sight - I'm still buried under PH over here!)

Also I think it never hurts to throw your resume out there. Maybe there will be a dr looking for part time.....

Keri said...

If you find a good one let me know... cause i'm rowing the same boat up stream ... arrrgggg!

jules said...

will do,as long as you do the same :) hahaha