Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Country" here we come!!

the idea of moving is such a exciting idea, and at the same time such a sad one. This place was my first home with Jim away from my Mom. We've been here almost 9yrs and now that it is cleared of clutter and perfectly clean- it's so nice. I don't wanna move. But the idea of living in the "country" having a yard, entertaining and having space to do that. So many good things.......but leaving here will be sad. .....And what will I do when I decide I am bored and can't run down the road to Target, it'll be 30mins away instead of 3mins :( I will definitely miss the convenience of the "city" .... Oh but I long to hear crickets and breezes. No more fast cars rushing down my road, no more fire trucks flying up my hill 5+ times a week (still not sure where they go, my road is a dead end) This place has been good to us, Hopefully I can make our new place truly OURS.......

"country" here we come!!!!

i should go clean now


Keri said...

I long to move to the 'country' too!! i would love to pack up, sell this house, and move to cricket ville! right there with u on the Target thing though... i'd miss that!