Thursday, January 29, 2009

She's back...

My car is safe in my garage.

This Monday Jim's car died (seems I've been braking cars lately). We expected his to die, we just didn't know when. I can't believe the timing, 2 cars breaking down so close together. Now we have to look into a used vehicle. We're doing our research because we've both always bought new. We don't want to spend what little money we have and get a piece of junk. I definitely want something all wheel or four wheel drive-the roads around here are so bad during the winter.

But my car is back...I hate not having a car.


Flea said...

Well yay. Congratulations. :) Have fun choosing a car!

Amanda said...

You both are not having much luck with your cars these days ~ it never rains . . . it pours!
But good luck choosing another car ~ hope you get a good deal.
Amanda x

Chele76 said...

check out carmax, there are two in CT. They may be bit of a drive but they have a great reputation and wide selection of used cars.

The also have an awesome website.

I suggest browsing what they have in your price range, then read reviews on those cars.

Good luck!