Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emily had school yesterday. We got up as normal and headed off. I went grocery shopping afterwards and then came home. Around 12:45 I got my coat and headed out the door to pick her up, school gets out at 1pm. MY CAR WOULDN'T START! I start to panic. Then I start to panic even more because how am I going to get Emily. I have a new cell phone so I don't have any numbers in there yet. I ran in the house hoping to catch one of the Mom's that I am friends with.....First one no answer. Second one "Hello" I tell her my problem and she says "Do you want me to bring Emily home?" I was elated I didn't even have to ask. Problem 1 solved. My car ran fine that morning-what the hell is wrong with it. It is a 2000, I have never had a car that was this old. Its been paid off so we were loving no car payment. We were considering looking into some "new" used cars in the spring but to trade in Jim's car not mine. My car had only like 80 something miles on it. I am sad, I hate not knowing what it may be. Is it a $200 fix or a $800+ fix....UGH!! But isn't crazy how certain things make you panic your car not starting or looking in your wallet and your license is missing.

Pray that my car is an easy fix. We can't afford a big one. :( No car payment is great, an older car with no warranty not so great! I hope your ok Mr Saturn.


Flea said...

If it's not starting, it's probably something really simple, like the battery, alternator or starter. No panicking. An easy fix. Especially if your honey has any car savvy at all. Mine changes out the battery himself when necessary.

Amanda said...

I'll certainly pray for a cheap fix!
Aren't friends like that great?!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

My old car was always doing that ~ but it was alot older than yours ~ it was usually always something easy to fix ~ but I got so fed up of it in the end that I got the new one!! Yours isn't that old though ~ so here's hoping that it is fixed easily!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX