Monday, January 12, 2009

Day one......sabotaged

I want to thank everyone for their support. I am glad to have friends like you. Of course I wanted to start using the universal machine today, but last night I saw a mouse in my cellar. I am not afraid but a little creeped out. We need to put a light in the corner where we set up our gym...and until then I do not think I will be hanging out down there. I hate the idea of him (them) getting into my Christmas decorations. My ornaments all have meaning to me and I would be devastated if something happened to them. They are in plastic storage bins, but mice are tricky. They are on the far wall where it is colder, If I was a mouse I would want to be near the furnace area-which is where I saw him. I hope he is a lonely little mouse who came in from the cold and got scared when the furnace started up. That is how I saw him, he jumped when the furnace kicked on-LOL. I hope he ran away. But I doubt it. My washer and dryer are not in the cellar but in a half bath downstairs in the family room. I saw him in cellar behind the wall where the washer/dryers are.....last night willow, my cat was trying to get behind it....which she never I think she saw a mouse too. At least she is other cat would care less. Damn mouse. I hate to think of traps...but what else can we do. I have baby things downstairs and I am hoping to use them again some day..........Damn mouse. I wanted to set up my treadmill and use the universal gym......Damn mouse. I don't want my cat Willow to kill anybody.....Damn mouse. I don't want any mice in my stuff......Damn mouse.

Go away-Damn Mouse!!!!!


Amanda said...

I don't think i would go down there either knowing i had a "visitor" ~ LOL!
Maybe it's just better to let Willow down there ~ either that or call in the professionals. I would go with the later!!
Hope you get it all sorted out.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

I agree ~ damn mouse ~ I hope that you sort it out soon ~ I would feel a bit worried about being down there too !!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Flea said...

Ooo! A toy for Willow! Cats are MADE to kill mice! Let Willow do her job, woman! She'll love it!

Robyn said...

Yep a cat is purrfect.

shesmarriednow said...

Ughhhh I hate mice. I know they are small and what not but they creep me out. They scare me too for whatever reason I may not know..they are just gross!

April said...

Better for Willow to kill the damn mouse then for you to have to deal with it YOURSELF! Believe me, I was RELIEVED when my cat's killed one! LOL