Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just want to say thanks to everyone who shared their opinions, experiences or knowledge with me regarding booster seats. Everyone I know has a seat belt only booster and I was thinking to myself, am I over thinking this?? I didn't want to shell out $280 for a booster if I didn't need to. But I also didn't want to buy one for $50 just because of the price. Robyn and Tabitha thank you for the stories you shared-you made my decision an easy one. I did some research and read on the Britax website that Emily still has some time before she grows out of her Britax Marathon seat. She can use it up to 65 lbs and seated shoulder height 16 inches. She isn't quite 39 lbs and seated shoulder height is only 13 1/2 inches. I have decided to save and get the Frontier by Britax, it is pricey but personally I will feel that she is safest in that seat. It will be her last seat and she can use it harnessed to 80 lbs and up to 53" tall or 18.25 in seated should height and after that she can use it with a seat belt up to 100 lbs and up to 60" tall or 21.5 inches seated shoulder height. But most importantly she will be anchored to the car. We have time to save for it & IF we ever have another child they can use it. Thank you Moms and non Moms!!!!!


Robyn said...

anything to help.

Tabitha said...

I think you have made a great choice
love and hugs XXXXX