Friday, October 17, 2008

Once again...

I will be joining weight watchers!! I need to do it. I have lost about 5lbs since moving here, but nothing else. So now that it isn't hot anymore I plan on taking advantage of the foliage and walking. My hubby is also gonna watch his pts, don't tell him I told you...oops!! Wish me luck, I am hoping to lose a nice amount as a gift to myself for Christmas! My first goal will be to lose 30-ish, I want to try and have another baby. I am not getting any younger and I am already considered old in the baby making range. But if I never tried, I think I would regret it. Having Em was not easy, being pregnant was a breeze but getting pregnant isn't so easy for me. I am going to weigh in tomorrow morning (doing it online-cheaper) so I may be crabby this time next week!!

Oh and here are a few pics that have been in my camera forever!!

Here are my deer friends who come in my yard a couple times a day.

Some Mums from Emily's school fundraiser.

Emily's first day of school.

Emily finally having a place to ride her bike outside ,in her own yard!!


Robyn said...

You can do it. I know you can. And WW might be paid for by insurance. Our gives us $300 back for things we do to be healthy. Which is how I'm going to be able to afford the Y this winter.
Country life looks nice.

Tabitha said...

Good luck with the weight loss.
The photos are lovely and Emily looks so cute in her school stuff!
love and hugs XXXX

Amanda said...

Emily is a cutie!
Good luck with the weight loss, i'm trying to be a loser too! So far i'm 14lbs down :)
Amanda x

Bluevelvet24 said...

Good luck with the weight loss!!! I need to do WW again myself. I have the book to count the points.