Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pics from Maine

Emily outside a restaurant

Emily posing outside of LLBean

At the beach at sunset. It was so beautiful. The sky was amazing.

I love this shot with the moon and the pink.purple sky.

Here she is running and jumping in the surf.

Running away from the waves.
another cute pose at the beach.

Just strolling along the shore.


Amanda said...

Lovely pictures, i would love to visit Maine!
You must frame some of those pictures of Emily ~ they are great, i just love the beach ones:)

Amanda x

Mary said...

Ahhh Maine.......I love Maine:)
Cute pictures!!

April said...

AMAZING sunset picture! All of them are so cute! Emily looks like such a big girl now. :-)

Tabitha said...

Beautiful pictures ~ it looks like Emily had a great time XXXXX

Robyn said...

Great shot. She is a doll.

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning. She's adorable!

Poltzie said...

Great pics. I love her boots and that big pumpkin!