Sunday, October 19, 2008

Calling all Mom's

I have a dilemma...
When I was looking for a car seat for Emily I read all the articles, all the websites, talked to all my Mommy friends. I chose the Britax marathon. It was more expensive than the others but I decided this was best for my baby. My MIL paid half, so it wasn't too bad for us.
Now Emily is outgrowing her car seat and just about ready for her booster seat. Everyone I know has the Graco Turbo booster or something like that. It uses just the car's seat belt. But I wonder if I need or should get the high back booster that has the 5 pt harness and then when she is a bit older it can also use the car's seat belt. I can't seem to find anything specifically discussing the pros and cons to this issue. Britax also makes various booster seats but they are $270+ that's alot of money. Can anyone help? What did you get? Know of any sites with good info? Help!!

5pt harness booster OR car seat belt booster????


Robyn said...

I would get the 5 pt harness booster have you seen that you tube video, it broke my heart.
We use the fisher price car seat it is made by britax but is half the price.

Julie said...

I was leaning that way, but after that video i am certainly gonna do it, OMG!!!

Britax makes a fisher price booster?? What is it called? I googled it but only see a convertible car seat??


Amanda said...

We have the Graco Seat in the last picture for Callum. He is the correct weight and height for it. Good luck in your choice!
Amanda x

Keri said...

go for the 5 pt. harness. They say to keep them in that for as long as you can.

Tabitha said...

Depending on how old Emily is, I would go for the 5 point harness ~ there is a link to a blog on my side bar ~ called 'Braveheart' ~ it is written by a wonderful lady called danielle ~ whose daughter Isabelle was killed as a result of a low impact car accident ~ she was in a seat that only used the seat belt and the injuries that Isabelle sustained were as a direct result of this! Please read her story or visit her site at Since reading this story and Danielles blog ~ I have put all the children that I look after into the carseats with the 5 point harness!!
Hope that you will consider this when making your coice.
love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXX

Robyn said...

Julie this is the one I have

I guess they don't make it anymore, but when I was looking I really wanted the britax and didn't know how in the heck I could afford 2 of them, but I found this one and got a huge deal on it and got 2 for a wee bit more than one britax would have cost.
I read a lot of reviews andd shopped around quite a bit via the web.

Chele76 said...

...and can you even imagine that back in the day we wern't even IN carseats?


Heather said...

catherine has the last one (not the same pattern but same seat) and she is just fine in it!