Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am having a salad for lunch right now. I don't usually enjoy them at home, something about having someone else make them for you or something! LOL But I splurged and bought some good fixins. Since I have moved I try to walk as much as I can. I thought I would also start eating better. Thankfully there isn't a single fast food joint in town!! I have lost about 5lbs just from living here so walking and eating right should help me lose more. I need to buy some fall clothes, but I hate to spend the money on clothes that fit me know. I want to buy smaller clothes. I do have one pair of khaki pants that I wore before I became pregnant- they are my goal pants. I actually found them at a Marshalls for $5 and when I got them I was mortified to buy them because they were bigger and I was feeling huge!! But now I would die to wear them.

Oh and I bought this...

The price wasn't that bad, and it was supposed to finish 2-4 salads. Yeah right. Cheese maybe for 2-3 salads. Croutons 2-3 salads. But chicken- definitely 1-2 (and that is pushing it) salads. But it tastes good.


Amanda said...

Maybe i should try to move to the country to help with my weight loss!! hehe :D
Well done! You really sound that you are all settled in your new home.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

Well done with that weight loss ~ that is great ~ and moving to the country sounds like it is suiting you!! ~ You will be in those trousers in no time!!
love and big hugs XXXXXX

Robyn said...

I you can find it Annie's light gingerly vinaigrette is really good.

April said...

Good for YOU girl!! Five lbs is awesome!!! I need to try those...I'm not a huge salad person but if you throw some chicken, some nuts, some fruit on there...num, num, num!!

Bluevelvet24 said...

Good job. We should meet for coffee soon at the Target Starbucks. The pumpkin lattes are soooo good. I get out at five now.