Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It seems like spring is teasing us. One day beautiful, the next gloomy or freezing. Yesterday was gorgeous and I went and bought flowers and garden supplies, hoping today I could get dirty. Well, that's not going to happen!!

Thank you to all who left messages yesterday, you all had some great ideas. I am going to use them all. One way to stay on track is blogging...everyday I am going to blog about it. I think some of my problem is I forget, I get comfortable and forget. If I blog everyday I am forced to remember. I am also going to start my WW weigh in tomorrow. I don't go to meetings but I will post my losses or gains so that I have to share it with someone, maybe that will motivate me to lose. I am counting today as well- why wait for tomorrow.



Amanda said...

Good Luck with WW, i know you can do it!