Friday, April 17, 2009


I have a fear, a REAL fear of spiders. Most people (my family) laugh at me and usually say "its just a bug". Well when I am near them or see them, I get sweaty, my heart pounds faster and I get very shaky. I am afraid of those suckers. I sooooo try not to be, I say oh its just another bug...but never fails when I see one I freak out.

Now, living where I do, there are spiders everywhere. I've learned to pick my battles. Little house spiders don't freak me out (I don't like them-but). Its when they look like tarantulas...I know ha ha ha...but I don't mean huge like tarantulas...I mean big bodies and those fang thingees. Does that make sense..... I can tolerate the small bodies and long skinny legs.

Well anyway...I made my way outside for some fresh air, hoping not to cough all over the place. As Emily and I were pulling up "weebs" we must have seen 20+spiders. Not huge, but not small. Like dime sized bodies. They were running all over the place. Of course because they had those thick bodies.....eeeewwww. Not sure I can do this garden thing.

Hey gardeners....The bed I am working in has been neglected for years, is that why there are so many spiders. Now that we've been ripping up their hiding spots. I know, I know spiders eat other bugs I get that. A few spiders here and there I can deal with ....sorta....but 20+ spiders running a muck....NOT COOL.

Come on, tell me what I wanna hear...........please????


Becky said...

Oh my! I could NOT handle that at all! I hated that movie Arachnophobia??? It was so scary!

PixieDust said...

I have the same problem in my garden, though here they run like that on the lawn. I am an entomologist but I am terrified of spiders. Usually when I see one I freeze for a while and the moment it starts to move I scream and run the other way. And then send my husband to catch it. :)

Amanda said...

Your not alone ~ i hate them too!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

OMG ~ I am only scared of two things in life (and I mean total unrational fear ha ha) ~ one is needles and the other is spiders!
I would have freaked out totally and run away screaming ha ha!!
I am such a chicken tee hee!!
You are not alone ~ I am right there with you.
Love and hugs Tab XXX

Bluevelvet24 said...

eewww...spiders. i had one in my shower yesterday. its that time of the year.

April said...

I too freak out TOTALLY over spiders. I have actually cried at the sight of them and screamed for Daryl's help. He normally gets so annoyed now cuz in the summertime, I'm calling him to come kill one ALL THE TIME! LOL