Saturday, April 11, 2009

One week.......

Ok so today marks one week since starting WW AGAIN. I lost but hardly anything -.8. I guess at least I lost. I had a rough week, lets just say jelly beans are not my friends. Next week I will have a bigger lost, I just know it!!!

Emily is loving her earrings, but what a PITA it is to clean them etc. She won't let me near them. Last night I was so upset with her I cried. I guess Jim was able to get to them today...hopefully the crying and screaming is done.

Oh and we did a TON of work in the garden today. Jim headed out this morning to work out there with his Dad. Emily and I got dressed and headed out too. With all 10 of our hands ("B" was there too) we got it all cleared (5+years of weeds and neglect). I'll take pics later to show you the before and after.

Its raining now and I am cooking away!!!


Tabitha said...

Hang on in there Julie ~ you will lose next time ~ I just know it!
I have been dieting a year now and there have been times where I could have just given in ~ but you just have to keep going!
I wish I was there so we could do it together!
I know what you mean about the earring situation ~ I remember when lauren had hers done ~ we went through exactly the same for the first week, crying and not wanting them cleaned ~ but it does get better!
Happy easter ~ take care ~ love and hugs Tab XXXX