Monday, August 10, 2009

Holy Hot day!!! I need a pool.

Jim had the day off and we headed to the park and then the movies. We saw Aliens in the attic, it was cute.

I had my first weigh in for WW this evening....-3.4lbs :) I am motivated and hope to keep focused!!

On a sad note, Jim's Grandma Ethel, 87, had a heart attack last night. We were surprised! She isn't your average 87yr old. She golfs and bowls and likes to flirt with the fellas. She even told us once that she is a cougar because her fella is much (MUCH) younger! She hadn't been feeling well and now we know why. She has to have triple bi-pass surgery Wed morning--keep her in your prayers.


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ethel. Will certainly keep you all in my thoughts.
Congrats on your weight loss!

Heather said...

we loved that movie!
congrats on the loss! keep it up!
prayers are with your family!
hope to see you monday with us at the zoo.