Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am bored. Its gloomy and I have no fun money. The hunny gets paid tomorrow and I have some errands to run--looking forward to getting out of the house. CRAZY!!

I am in my second week of WW and doing OK. Although I don't feel like it. I was feeling in the dumps this morning and needed something but refused to snack. Got a little Ho Hum and watched some TV. But about an hour ago I jumped on the treadmill and walked for a mile/21mins. I feel better. I am now eating a late lunch 'Lean Cuisine Ravioli' YUMM!!

Grandma Ethel is doing well. She had her surgery Wed and came through ok. This morning she called my MIL to ask her where her glasses are...LOL...I guess she is the fighter we knew she was. I'll be visiting with some family on Saturday since my MIL's siblings and SIL are in town to see Et. Not a good reason for a get together but a get together none the less.


Emily Jean said...

I had a blah day yesterday. Just couldn't get outta the funk! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!