Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been SO Busy!!

Its been crazy around here. I have been so busy. I have been reading but not really commenting. This week should be quieter so hopefully I'll have some fun posts.

~ I've had enough of the rain. I'm tired of seeing a million slugs a day. The damp smell-gross!

~Packets for school went out. But after the fact, found out after I made a correction to something I left something out-became a mini-issue and I wanted to beat someone! But its over and I am moving on. (Have the same partner as last yr-so I guess I can expect some bumps)

~ Swim lessons are over. In 3wks Em went from being scared of the water, to swimming without her bubble and even jumped into the deep end and swam with her instructor. I can't believe the progress- I am super proud of her! I may look into lessons at the Y this fall to keep her going. She has now added swim instructor to her list of grown up jobs.

~Switched my WW account from online to monthly pass, I am going to a meeting tomorrow night and am hoping I will see some better results. I also plan to do some walking and working out. I mean I do have a great neighborhood for walking, treadmill & universal gym in the basement (however musty it smells)--USE IT WOMAN--right?!?!?!

~ I dyed my hair today, it was way over due. I bought some on sale and I am loving the color-close to my natural (what I remember) color.

I hope everyone is doing well!!


Amanda said...

I'm glad that Em is now swimming ~ it's so important to be able to swim!