Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Day!

Today is a good day!!

Emily did excellent at swimming lessons this morning. She tried her best and she even raised her hand to go next.

I stepped on the scale for hahas and saw a loss :)

Went through some old baby clothes and felt motivated to walk and lose weight.

Looking at the babies clothes and hearing Emily say "Awww, how cute, OH thats adorable" made me think how great for her. To have a sibling for life. A friend. A playmate. But also someone new to share in the wonderful journey from pregnancy to motherhood and then some. She is just that age I think she would enjoy it (most of the time, lol)

Motivation here I come!


Robyn said...

Who Hoo for the both of you.

Amanda said...

Sounds just like you have all the motivation you need and then some!

April said...

YAY for motivation! And for Em doing so well in swim class. :-)

Tabitha said...

Good for you!
Hope it all goes well.
Take care ~ love and hugs Tab XX