Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday Night Flood

I'm not sure what happened. I spent the afternoon at the beach with Emily and a friend. We came home hungry around 6:30pm. We decided to watch a movie (Fly Away Home) and eat dinner in front of the TV. I made mac n'cheese for Em and decided to make some flavored rice for me. I got the water and rice mixture into the pot and cooked it up. When all was done we headed downstairs.

I had the AC above the sink on in the kitchen. Into our movie some I heard a different sound. Watery sound. But I thought it was the AC-you know sometimes you hear the moisture doing its thing. Well about an hour and a half into the movie I still kept hearing that water noise. I paused the movie and headed upstairs.

S#it!! F&$%!!

There was water everywhere. The faucet it was running. Somehow it was turned on and the stopper was in the sink. I quickly threw towels all over the floor and counters. After we cleaned up the water I thought-crap- could it have gone through the floor????? I headed to the basement and it did. I had 1/2 inch of water in a huge puddle on one section of the basement. I was freaking out. UGH. I moved the treadmill which was sitting in the deepest section (hoping it still works) We still had boxes from our move, so that helped soak up most of the water.

I have NO IDEA how this happened. I joked when we first moved in that the house was haunted-lol. I know that I didn't leave the water running- I was up here for 10-15mins up here cooking after I used the faucet. So I would have noticed it. Maybe the cats? I don't know.



April said...

That IS weird!

I, though, have been so scatterbrained lately that I HAVE been leaving faucets running without realizing it! I did it once in the middle of the night and thank goodness Daryl had gotten up to pee, otherwise it would have been running all night! LOL