Thursday, June 25, 2009

This weather has been crazy. One minute rain, the next a peep from the sun. I finally got out to the garden to weed some (boy do I hate weeding) I get so tired, so quickly! Way out of shape. I am dripping with sweat-lovely picture- sorry!! But the plants are growing despite the puddles they've had to endure this past month.

Headed to story time today, Emily enjoyed that. Most of the kids headed to the park after-but I didn't feel like it...had to weed! Looking forward to April's baby shower Saturday. Can I just tell you-I can't seem to find my scotch tape. Found two rolls but both ran out before I could finish wrapping her gift-what the heck!! I know I have some....but I don't feel like going out now...Maybe some will just appear somewhere. I need a vacation...a mini one would be nice...I would love to go to the beach with no one to bother me so I could relax and read.

Oh and I cheated and stepped on the scale this morning -3.2lbs woo hoo!! I hope I can stay focused!


Becky said...

Yeah for losing weight! That is always a good way to start the day...of course I would think that gives me a license to eat chocolate...but whatever! LOL! Go you!

Emily Jean said...

Yea! 3 lbs! Congrats!!!

I hate when things u KNOW u have disappear!!