Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beware...Crabby Post

Ok so this week has been super hectic. But its also rainy and muggy. I hate muggy. I'm also noticing that my house starts to smell damp when it is muggy. I am very sensitive to smells. I love good, perfume, clean clothes, name it, if it smells good I love it. But on the other hand I hate stinky smells.....feet, garbage, kitty litter, bad breath, BO, dirty clothes....ugh I can smell it a mile away. Oh and when I am sick or feeling sick....Smells bother me no matter what. I once refused to wear my favorite perfume for a LONG time because I was wearing while I had a migraine and got ill.

Well my house smells muggy. My house smells from cleaning products.

I need some air freshener STAT!!!!

Sorry I had to vent.


PixieDust said...

That's ok. I hate it that my house won't get clean on its own... :) Smells bother me too, especially when they come out of the fridge when you open it first thing in the morning :(

Keri said...

I am over the top about smells too... when we moved to this house it had been closed up for months... i couldn't get the musty smell out for a week... thankfully almost every room needed a paint job, so that makes a world of difference.
but i smell everything before i buy, eat, or touch it... just wierd about smells too.

Robyn said...

I have a sensitivity to smells also, which is why I usually only use Method cleaning products. Have you tried a dehumidifier? I know that helps tremendously in our basement, I can always tell if it is full because of the musty smell.

Softball Whisperer said...

My house gets very messy if I don't clean it every week! I start to think i'll go crazy if I don't clean the mess!


Becky said...

Oh no! That isn't good! Maybe you can Febreeze it...but I think even that has a wierd smell!

April said...

It sounds like you need FRESH AIR!! LOL