Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fingers crossed

It scary to think I've said this a million times before...But this time I hope its the last. I've started a new 'diet', 'lifestyle change'...whatever you want to call it. I need to get me back. My hubby is doing it with me, so hopefully we can support one another. So far so good today....and one day at a time is all I can handle. Next tues morning when I weigh in, I hope that can motivate me to go another week. Tonight we are having my FIL over for dinner to celebrate father's day- I made a yummy pasta salad, low fat version...and Saturday is April's baby shower (but I will be with Chele so we can be good together)....but other than that I can be good.

Oh and on the school front....I got an email from one of the other board members who basically vented and got things off her chest. So she could feel better, she accused me of not sticking up for myself and making her feel alienated. I just want to knock her out. I did not reply. She is gone, her child has graduated and she has nothing to do with the school as of June 30th. She has been a pain in my butt all year. She is also the woman who through a tantrum at our end of the year meeting because a vote didn't go her way. Then she wrote a letter about it to all board members hoping someone would side with her. We all think she is losing it. The sad thing is we get along when we aren't talking school. But now, I don't think I can be friends with her, not after this. I don't think it was her intentions but she made me mad and upset. She needs to let it go and get a life. Grown ups....really.


Flea said...

Not all grown ups have grown up, huh?

Unknown said...

You CAN do it!! I know it!! I always love that feeling after starting a new "lifestyle change" (I like that better than the word "diet"!) when I physically start to fEEL better from my healthy ways. It's awesome!

And don't worry about the shower...I think there will be some healthy stuff there too, like fruit salad and on the grill, hopefully chicken!

Amanda said...

Good Luck!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Don't you just love how some people are perpetually trapped in a high school mentality & are intent on dragging everyone else back with them? =P