Friday, March 6, 2009

Stress Part 2

UGH!! Double UGH!!

First of all I must thank chele for the chocolate suggestion....Yesterday I was losing my mind. I never felt that way. I was losing my patience with Emily, more than normal. I had a few pimples and was starting to connect the dots-no not on my face LOL. I think I was experiencing some sort of PMS. While having pcos I struggle with irregular cycles. Since having Em I have become some what maybe I am getting symptoms too. Well after a much need text convo with Chele....she suggested chocolate (not a huge fan-weird I know) I grabbed some cadbury milk chocolate eggs (thank god easter is coming) and it helped some. Maybe it was all in my head, I didn't care I felt a little better.

Today, I was doing well until I received an email. Seriously I wanted to scream. This person asked me if I was keeping things confidential that needed to confidential....seriously. Then she said....don't get me wrong I know you are.....(ok why ask then)....then she says I know you and so and so are friends.....but I wanna make sure this "issue" isn't about more than what I know about.

HELLO!!! are we ten????? I am not responding... I don't know what to do.

Michele I am eating my chocolate eggs...........


Robyn said...

I would just email back the word


Happy unstressing.

Becky said...

Okay I just wanted you to see this! HAWT!

Amanda said...

Sit back and enjoy more chocolate!

April said...

I'm glad the chocolate helped! (until that damn email ruined your chocolate buzz!)