Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who wraps the presents in your house??

I think (at least for me) that wrapping presents should have been part of our wedding ceremony "I promise to wrap all the presents" because I can't remember the last time Jim wrapped a present. So today I am wrapping whatever I have purchased so I am not wrapping a gazillion things right before Christmas. Ya know now that I am complaining a bit, I decorate too. We used to decorate together but now it me and the kid...... Hmmmm a feel a new tradition coming.

Emily had both of her parties, she had so much fun. It was nice to have it at our house for a change. She also had her first kid birthday party and it was a smash! She had so much fun. I am so glad the Heather & Keri and their children were able to come. I hope they had fun.
Here she is officially 4yrs old.

And the cake, I decided to make it this year. She was just as happy to have pink frosting and pastel sprinkles.

On the health front. Em is still fighting the cold. Of course this week was so busy...she'd get a bit better and then she'd have some fun and the cold starts creeping back in. I am doing ok, I just have this weird throat thing, feels swollen more than sore. So annoying but I am surviving.

Saving the best for last. We had our first snowfall to stay. We've had MANY flurries, but last night there was a nice covering of snow. When Emily woke up I showed her and she said "It's Christmas!" with a big grin. Its been snowing on and off all morning its pretty. I love this time of year and its nice to see the snow in my yard and not just in my driveway


Bluevelvet24 said...

Emmy looks so cute! The snowfall is so beautiful. Daisy had so much fun running around in it through the back yard.

Robyn said...

You can share the foot of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow night.
I like that Em thought it was Christmas:)

Keri said...

That is TOO funny ... Ava SAID THE EXACT same thing!
how cute they both connect Christmas and snow.
We had such a blast at the party too. Gotta get together again soon.

The Branches said...

What beautiful snow! I wish we had that here, unfortunately it's almost 70 degrees! cute blog :)

Chele76 said...

I *love* wrapping presents. I actually don't like anyone helping me wrap. I want to do it all by myself. lol

shesmarriednow said...

I am the only one who technically KNOWS how to wrap. John believes in using duct tape to get a good laugh. He'll wrap his siblings presents with it so that they have a hard time opening it! Mean I know. I decided its best I do it!

April said...

I WOULD be the wrapping gifts myself (Big D doesn't do it) if we had actually BOUGHT any yet. *SIGH*
It looks so pretty with the snow!!!

Lynn said...

Sounds like fun! I do the wrapping here as well and before we got married I don't think my husband had EVER wrapped anything. It cracked me up the first time I watched him wrap a present.
Oh and the snow, I can't wait! We haven't really gotten any yet and I'm still waiting since what fun is the cold if you don't have snow. The pictures are beautiful!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Look at your beautiful snow!! I share Chele's sentiments on wrapping gifts. As long as I am not expected to wrap my own (LOL), I don't care if I have to do all the rest. In fact, I did all my dad's wrapping in addition to my own, before I moved down here. He just had to make sure he had someone else lined up to do any he had for me. ;-) I draw the line at spoiling my own surprises just so that they're wrapped.