Monday, December 8, 2008

just cuz

Yesterday, when I posted about wrapping presents. It was because I was wrapping all alone while Em & Jim did whatever. Its kinda funny (well not that funny) it is the women who wrap the presents and even those of us who would like some help would probably kick them out after the first fold. Do you think they just can't wrap or do they do it messy on purpose so we do it all. Ya know when the guys complain (especially to us sahm) how hard their lives are- do they think of these times where Christmas in our house wouldn't happen if it weren't for me. Or the laundry, my hubby will complain when he does dishes but do I ever say when is the last time you did some towels or washed Emily's clothes? He does do his own laundry. I am thankful for that. But seriously mom's/wives rule!!! LOL I do love my husband, especially today he started a new job and it happy!! yay me!


April said...

I totally hear what you are saying on the hubby front (don't know what it's like yet on the Daddy front LOL). Daryl will sometimes complain about doing something around the house and I just roll my eyes cuz it's something I ALWAYS do, not just once in a while. LOL

But just like last night, I love when he does above and beyond and surprises me...just cuz he wants to help. Even though it's not done the way "I would have done it" I am appreciative. :-)

Julie said...

You have a sweet hubby. Like mine, but they are still boys lol. I guess thats why we like em so much