Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A lot to say, but where do I begin?

I feel like I have been away from my blog too much. Then when I sit down I feel like I have nothing to say. So much has been going on and I have a ton to say. But where do I begin? So I am just going to go with it. Emily is into her first month at school, and for me as a co-director it is slowing down now that school is in session. The next big thing for the school will be getting ready for the open house in Jan. We hired a new teacher's aid for this fall and she worked for like 2 days prior to the first day and then just didn't show up. NICE. We had no idea what was going on, we wondered if she was hurt. But no she just didn't show up. She said she couldn't work with the teacher because she was self absorbed- this is the farthest from the truth and how she knew this after being there for a few hrs two times before school actually started. WHATEVER. I am glad she didn't stick around, because I had a feeling about her. I should stick to my gut more often. I am usually right. So we tried it with the two teachers and I have been volunteering when they needed me, but damn it I want that job. We offered it to the alumni parent who was interested this summer. Can I tell you how ideal this job is for me? But I can't hire myself and I can't resign from co-director. Maybe it will open up again for me? UGH. Of course Jim is like puch for it blah blah blah....he doesn't get it. I have to sub in a few hours too, the head teacher's daughter is ill and we have a sub in the morning and I need to relieve her at 11am.

We went to the Big E on Monday. It was a blast. I love the Big E. I took pics and I want to post them- I need to locate my usb cord to upload them to my computer. Until then.........

I missed you guys. I have been reading up on what has been going on with everyone. I haven't been doing much commenting though-sorry. I will get back into the swing of things soon. I promise!!!


Amanda said...

You have been so busy lately that it's hardly surprising that you haven't had time to blog!!
But it is nice to see you back.
Are you all settled into your new home now?? I hope you are.
Amanda x

April said...

Can't wait to see some new pics from the Big E!!!

Robyn said...

What's the BigE?