Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow is one week of new diet, time to weigh in. Scarry!
Feet hurt. Not sure why.
Tired but must keep reading (Dark Summer by Iris Johansen)
I hate weeding my garden....Oh I will have to take pics of my garden tomorrow.
Good Night.....see ya at weigh in ......................

Friday, June 26, 2009

I guess the rain is here to stay....

I made a cup of coffee and was heading to the deck to drink it quietly with nature. But its raining .....AGAIN! So I am in here on the computer drinking it. I wanted to read today too...out on the deck.....But nooooooo. Getting depressing here in CT.

So I am dying to read a ton this summer. Emily has a library card and we go to get her books quite often. I didn't get my own library card because at the time my license didn't show the new address and I had no proof I lived here. (Em got hers through school) But can I tell you, I haven't had a library card in like 15 yrs. The books I've read have been my own or borrowed. I was planning on getting my own yesterday and getting a new book to read. But I walked into the adult section of the library and froze. I didn't even know where or how to look for a book. In my old city they used computers to look up books now, not card catalogs in drawers lol. But this library I could figure out where that may be. But me feeling silly decided not to ask or find out. Another day I guess. But how silly. I'm an adult and can't use the library. Thank god I have a ton of books here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This weather has been crazy. One minute rain, the next a peep from the sun. I finally got out to the garden to weed some (boy do I hate weeding) I get so tired, so quickly! Way out of shape. I am dripping with sweat-lovely picture- sorry!! But the plants are growing despite the puddles they've had to endure this past month.

Headed to story time today, Emily enjoyed that. Most of the kids headed to the park after-but I didn't feel like it...had to weed! Looking forward to April's baby shower Saturday. Can I just tell you-I can't seem to find my scotch tape. Found two rolls but both ran out before I could finish wrapping her gift-what the heck!! I know I have some....but I don't feel like going out now...Maybe some will just appear somewhere. I need a vacation...a mini one would be nice...I would love to go to the beach with no one to bother me so I could relax and read.

Oh and I cheated and stepped on the scale this morning -3.2lbs woo hoo!! I hope I can stay focused!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fingers crossed

It scary to think I've said this a million times before...But this time I hope its the last. I've started a new 'diet', 'lifestyle change'...whatever you want to call it. I need to get me back. My hubby is doing it with me, so hopefully we can support one another. So far so good today....and one day at a time is all I can handle. Next tues morning when I weigh in, I hope that can motivate me to go another week. Tonight we are having my FIL over for dinner to celebrate father's day- I made a yummy pasta salad, low fat version...and Saturday is April's baby shower (but I will be with Chele so we can be good together)....but other than that I can be good.

Oh and on the school front....I got an email from one of the other board members who basically vented and got things off her chest. So she could feel better, she accused me of not sticking up for myself and making her feel alienated. I just want to knock her out. I did not reply. She is gone, her child has graduated and she has nothing to do with the school as of June 30th. She has been a pain in my butt all year. She is also the woman who through a tantrum at our end of the year meeting because a vote didn't go her way. Then she wrote a letter about it to all board members hoping someone would side with her. We all think she is losing it. The sad thing is we get along when we aren't talking school. But now, I don't think I can be friends with her, not after this. I don't think it was her intentions but she made me mad and upset. She needs to let it go and get a life. Grown ups....really.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting paranoid....

in my old age. We had a birthday party this morning. It was for one of the boys in Emily's class and I am pretty good friends with his Mom. When were getting to leave she invited us to stick around, so we did. Then the kids went swimming and then we were invited to stay for burgers. Well we ended up staying for 8hrs, the kids had a blast and us Moms (her SIL & I) had a nice time chatting and had a beverage or two. But on my drive home and now..... I am kinda anxious and worried that I overstayed my welcome. I mean I really do not think so, we had an awesome time. But I am surely getting paranoid and I am sitting here worrying about what they are thinking. I am losing my mind. Its not like I just didn't leave- I'm crazy! Its official!! When did this happen?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Almost back to Normal......

I finally had a day of doing nothing. It felt so good. School is out but I was at the school everyday this week to clean and start painting. Its looking good. I slept late and then headed to Walmart for a few odds and ends.

Emily's graduation and dance recital was so much fun. Looking forward to a summer of hanging at the beach.

Oh and did you guys see this story? I'm adding a watermark to any of my photos that I post. How crazy?? I would be livid. Kinda scary.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beware...Crabby Post

Ok so this week has been super hectic. But its also rainy and muggy. I hate muggy. I'm also noticing that my house starts to smell damp when it is muggy. I am very sensitive to smells. I love good smells....flowers, perfume, clean clothes, shampoo...you name it, if it smells good I love it. But on the other hand I hate stinky smells.....feet, garbage, kitty litter, bad breath, BO, dirty clothes....ugh I can smell it a mile away. Oh and when I am sick or feeling sick....Smells bother me no matter what. I once refused to wear my favorite perfume for a LONG time because I was wearing while I had a migraine and got ill.

Well my house smells muggy. My house smells from cleaning products.

I need some air freshener STAT!!!!

Sorry I had to vent.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My new friend

Monday, June 1, 2009

Still busy busy busy

I am getting ready to wait in line for at least 3hrs to buy tickets to my daughter's dance recital. Can you believe these Mom's get there 3hrs + to buy tickets.....Holy crap. Thankfully the dance instructor told me about it or I would have gotten there at 4pm to find a line a mile long. Wish me luck!!